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Ms. M’s story – advice, benefits, gardening and a good atmosphere

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“I started to come into the DAAC to discuss my direct payments and found the Richmond AID leaflet. From chatting to Andy on reception I found out more about the organisation and what they do, because at the time I needed help with an application for Disability Living Allowance (DLA). I had a home visit and the application was successful.

Since then I’ve used the Advice and Benefits Services for a whole host of different things, including getting a Taxi Card and a Blue Badge.

Recently I was asked to go to Ealing for a Work Capability Assessment. I wasn’t able to get to this venue as it was too early in the morning and not possible on public transport. I really struggle making phone calls to someone who I don’t know especially when it’s about me. The Advice Service called up for me and rearranged the venue and a taxi to get me there. Having someone to initiate the phone call gave me the confidence to take over and deal with it myself.

This year I’ve used the SPADE gardening service for the first time. When they started the garden was a 250 foot jungle. I hadn’t done anything to it for a few years. It meant I couldn’t use my garden which I used to love. It upset me to look at it and see it was getting worse and worse. Jean sent some volunteers around and they have been coming to clear the garden. There is still some work to do but I am able to use it now and have had some BBQ’s in it! I love coming into the DAAC. There is always someone to talk to and a good atmosphere.”

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