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Have your say on Social Care – Survey with Inclusion London

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Here’s a message from the organisation Inclusion London:


‘Take 10 minutes to fill in the social care survey : 


Tell us what is happening to your social care…

Is funding is being cut?

Costs rising and eligibility tightened?

Are your needs being met?

Do you have choice and control over the support you get?


Follow this link to take the survey: Social Care Survey


We want to hear from disabled Londoners about your experiences of social care. What’s working for you and what’s not?

What changes are needed to your social care to give you greater choice, control and independence?

We also want to hear if you are experiencing cuts to your social care support, dealing with rising charges and whether it’s harder to get support because of changes in local eligibility criteria. Will you be affected by the closure of the Independent Living Fund? We would like to hear about this as well.

The information you give us will shape Inclusion London’s response to the Government’s white paper consultation on social care, expected later this spring. The Social Care Reform white paper is important because it will lay out government plans for the future of social care, including how care will be funded. It follows the Caring for our Future consultation and documents such as the A Vision for Adult Social Care: Capable Communities and Active Citizens the Commission on Funding of Care and Support report.

More information is available at:







Please encourage as many people as you can to participate in this survey!

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