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Emma’s Employment Experience

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This is a video case study of one of our clients who we provided help with employment support. This is Richmond AID’s second Video Case Study if you would be interested in taking part with this work please get in touch on 020 8831 6080 or advice@richmondaid.org.uk.

Here is the dialogue – the transcription – of the video;

What was your situation before coming to Richmond AID and what difficulties or issues were you facing at the time?

I didn’t have a job at the time. I had no support and no contact.

How did you find out about Richmond AID?

I found out about Richmond AID through Martin Friers, from Richmond Volunteers Centre.

How did Richmond AID help elevate or resolve these issues?

Richmond AID initially gave me the jobs in the office but if I couldn’t cope then, they involved in me in any other programs promoting Richmond AID.

Did you find the help and support you received helpful and supportive?

Very much so.

Has there been a resolution or outcome to the help you have received? Was this a good outcome and did it help to make this a bit easier?

At last I feel needed and wanted by people.

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