The Kingston Buddy Scheme: Case Study

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Kingston Buddy Scheme

For just six months The Kingston Buddy Scheme has been matching young people, with disabilities, to volunteer buddies to help them gain independence in the community. We have already witnessed great achievements and blossoming relationships. Emma and Alice were paired by the Kingston Buddy Scheme in August of this year and have been meeting ever since. Here is their story.

David McGoldrick DLA Tribunal Experience

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This is a video case study of one of our clients that we provided help with over six tribunals for DLA until he was awarded DLA Higher Rate Mobility and Middle Rate Care indefinitely. This is Richmond AID’s third video case study if you would be interested in taking part in this work please get in touch on 020 8831 6070 or

Martin’s DLA claim and tribunal experience

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This is a video case study of one of our clients who we provided help with through a successful DLA claim and an unsuccessful ESA tribunal. This is Richmond AID’s first Video Case Study if you would be interested in taking part with this work please get in touch on 020 8831 6080 or

Finding work through Richmond AID

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My name is Elias, and this is how I found work through Richmond AID. I first heard about Richmond AID when a member of staff from Crossroads told my Dad about Richmond AID and said that they could support me in a number of ways. On my first visit to Richmond AID I met Rianne and we talked about helping provide reception cover at the Disability Action & Advice Centre in Teddington where they are based.  At first I was very nervous and was unsure; but I was supported & trained by Andy on reception and over time I grew more confident dealing with customers face to face.

Clare Morris’s Story – Gaining confidence and then employment with the support of Richmond AID

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I’m Clare and I first spoke to Richmond AID in January 2011.  I was having a tough time at work and needed some support with my next step as I was leaving that job and didn’t know where to get help.

Ms. M’s story – advice, benefits, gardening and a good atmosphere

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“I started to come into the DAAC to discuss my direct payments and found the Richmond AID leaflet. From chatting to Andy on reception I found out more about the organisation and what they do, because at the time I needed help with an application for Disability Living Allowance (DLA). I had a home visit and the application was successful.

Philippa McGowan’s Story – volunteering, gaining skills and confidence

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My first experience of Richmond AID was when I walked past and went to the library next door. I was advised by the Jobcentre to apply for Disability Living Allowance and I remembered walking past Richmond AID so went there to see if I could get a form. When I came in, I remember it distinctly, because I came in through the back door. It was packed and there were a lot of people in wheelchairs. I remember thinking I don’t have a disability and everybody would be too busy to support me because I wasn’t disabled enough. I spoke to Andy on reception and he phoned up for me to get the DLA form. I was very shaken at the time trying to come to terms with everything. I went home, got completely freaked out about the size of the form and did not fill it in. I was very depressed at the time and did very little for the next six months. I live alone and was too frightened and anxious to go out of the house on my own. I often didn’t speak to people for days at a time.

Edward Crowther – Getting the Right Benefits with Richmond AID

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Edward was referred to Richmond AID’s Benefits Service by the Community Mental Health Team in Teddington. He had been feeling low and was referred to the Mental Health Team by his GP, and the team said that Edward was experiencing depression. He had been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) six months ago: a chronic, inflammatory arthritis and autoimmune disease.

Jonathan Enright – My Experience with Richmond AID

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Photo of Jonnie

My experience with Richmond AID has been quite simply fantastic. Before I developed my illness I had been a confident and capable individual. My illness totally overwhelmed my capacity to cope. Despite having worked with benefits before as a professional, I did not know that I had to inform the benefits departments of any change of address.